The Fourth Sector
Non-commercial media initiative for regional journalists
The Fourth Sector was created in 2017 by three journalists from Perm — Anastasia Sechina, Vladimir Sokolov and Mikhail Danilovich. We worked together at the radio station "Echo of Perm", then in the online magazine "Zvezda (Star)". Then together we held a school for investigative journalists "Access Point" and together we decided that we wanted to do journalism according to our own rules.

In September 2017, we registered a non-profit organization, in December — the media. Until 2020, they worked as an independent freelance team. We created media projects (for example), wrote texts in complex genres (for example), published in local and federal media (for example). Then we increased the group to thirteen people, creating an Artel of freelance journalists. We were joined by journalists from Vologda, Kirov, Perm, Veliky Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Petrozavodsk.

However, in August 2021, the Fourth Sector NGO was recognized as a foreign agent. We have decided to liquidate the formal "avatars" (NGOs and the media) and suspended the work of the Artel. After the start of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, it finally collapsed due to a combination of reasons — increased risks, internal conflicts, more complicated processes, and emotional burnout. Someone left the country, someone left the profession, someone launched their own autonomous project. In particular, the idea of ​​a freelance artel and "editorial without editorial" has been transformed into the New Tab media.

But the Gribnitsa remained — a collection of useful tools for media people. In May 2022, the GLUSH media search service was born. Also, our experience in creating joint and interregional projects has not gone anywhere. All these ideas came together like a puzzle, and we decided to keep the Fourth Sector initiative as the operator of these projects — and all others that will appear in the future.

The name "The Fourth Sector" combines two phrases — "fourth power" (media) and "third sector" (non-profit sphere). Today it is a non-commercial initiative focused primarily on regional media professionals.
Our awards
Awards received for publications and projects made by The Fourth Sector team or with its participation
  • Human Rights Incubator
    It was the victory in this competition and the project "School of Investigative Journalists" that everything began. After it, we decided to create the "Fourth Sector"
  • Redcollegia (Editorial Board) Award

    For the investigation "HIV for show". Author — Mikhail Danilovich

  • Turn on the Lights Award
    The winner in the category "Investigation" for the publication "Putin said — do not touch people. And yet they touch". Author — Anastasia Sechina
  • NGO-professionals Award
    Winner in the category "Best series of articles" for the series of publications "Conductors". Authors — Mikhail Danilovich, Anastasia Sechina, Yaroslav Chernov (photo)
  • Together Media Award
    Big Story Winner for Investigation "The Dawn Will Not Come". Author — Mikhail Danilovich
  • Redcollegia (Editorial Board) Award

    For reporting on the homeless "People from the big house come to us and are surprised. They can’t afford that on their paycheck." Author — Vladimir Sokolov

  • Redcollegia (Editorial Board) Award
    For the interregional project "Accusatory Clones" on how the presumption of guilt works in Russia. Author — interregional team
  • Together Media Award (Siberian stage)
    3rd place in the Big Text nomination for the text "Invisible Patients" on how coronavirus restrictions affected those who had non-covid. Author — interregional team
  • Award named after journalist Akhmednabi Akhmednabiev (Caucasian Knot)
    Second place for the text "Unwanted on both sides of the border" about what LGBT people face when they are forced to leave their country. Author — Mikhail Danilovich
  • Turn on the Lights Award
    The winner in the nomination "One in the field" - for the publication about the struggle of activists with the disappearance of the valleys of the small rivers of Perm "Maybe laws need to be changed. Or people". Author — Vladimir Sokolov
  • Turn on the Lights Award
    Winner in the nomination "Syndicate" for the project "After the mines". Author — interregional team
  • Turn on the Lights Award
    The winner in the nomination "Syndicate" for the project "Meanings that they need", who studied the system of forensic examinations. Author — interregional team
We are a small initiative. There will never be many of us. We want to remain mobile, flexible and free to experiment
  • Anastasia Sechina
    Coordinates the project. Manages social media. Writes articles. Looking for money. Main coordinator of the GLUSH project
  • Vladimir Sokolov
    website editor and author
    Edits the Gribnica site. Writes articles. The second GLUSH project coordinator
  • Evgeniya Sibirtseva
    Collects ideas for joint projects. Writes pitches. Coordinates the creation of projects
…and a few more people, whose names we do not name for security reasons

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